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    Good day.
    My name is grace. I was impressed when I saw your email today through (www.skyrock.com) have I am interested in communicating with you as a true friend, and I want to establish an ongoing relationship with you. In addition, I want you to answer me through my private email box (graceavor24@yahoo.com) So I can give you my picture so you know who I am and I think we can go to 'here! expect from you soon.
    (Remember the distance or color does not matter but love is very important in life)
    Please contact me here ... (graceavor24@yahoo.com) For further explanation

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  • i love the words on your avatar, it hold so much truth, i swear by it.

  • accept my request i am from kashmir india

  • AMIS ....
    Ami: cette personne un spécial
    qui rend la vie un peu
    plus facile en étant juste
    là-bas et l'écoute de vos
    problèmes et difficultés.

    Amitié: un lien particulier
    entre deux personnes.
    Un lien qui le temps
    ne peut pas briser. Il est fort
    comme une chaîne, avec liant